18 sept , 2018

Comenius 1 projekt Culture Connects Children

education and culture lifelong learning programme

Koordinaator: Unipiha Algkool, Tartumaa, Eesti

Partnerid: Karamzin Koulu, Espoo, Soome

Klébergsskóli, Reykjavík, Island

Glendelvine Primary School, Caputh, Pertshire , Scotland, UK

Ceip Joan Rebull, Reus, Cataluña, Spain



  1. Activity calendar 2007-2009

Please summarise in the table below the planned Partnership activities for each of the institutions in the Partnership. Please present the activities for both school years 2007/08 and 2008/09 (if applicable). The eligibility period of activities starts on 1 October 2007 and goes on until 31 July 2008 or 2009, depending on the duration of your Partnership. You can add lines to the table if necessary.

    Approximate date


    Activity description

    (describe the nature of the activity planned)

    Actors involved

    (identify the institution(s) and, if relevant, the function of the individual(s) involved in the activity, e.g. teaching staff, management staff, associated partners etc)

    Sep –Oct 2007 Pre- visit. Prepare – Record one Christmas song from each country All partner schools teaching staff


    Oct 2007 Project meeting in Spain to share information, presentation of songs from individual schools and plan details of traditional stories. All partner schools teaching and management staff
    Nov –Dec 2007 Prepare and send on Christmas or New Year tradition to partner schools, using drama, art and multi- media

    Estonia – Old traditions pre-Christianity – Joulu Aeg

    Scotland – Hogmanay – new year traditions of welcoming new year and visiting

    Iceland – Icelandic Gryla og Leppaludi

    Finland – Joulu Aika – including Elves stories

    Catalonia – Caga Tio – Christmas log tradition

    Teaching staff in all schools
    Jan –March 2008 Send Christmas stories and recordings to other countries by January 10th. Learn about customs and traditional stories of other countries. Gather pictures etc of pupils work Send by 31st March as attachment Teaching staff in all partner schools
    Apr- June 2008 Pre –visit Choose traditional story materials for publication. Christmas work displayed on web page - give to Iceland to update web page. All partner schools teaching staff to send to Iceland
    June 2008 Project meeting in Iceland. Collate a script for publication in June of Year 3 All partner schools
    May –June 2008 Make CD’s of information studies and share with partner countries ICT staff teachers and teaching staff
    Sept –Oct 2008 Preparation for meeting: collect and prepare songs from each country. Bring copies of words and music Teaching staff in all partner countries
    Oct 2008 Project meeting in Scotland to share information and detailed planning Estonia management staff responsible for printing work
    Nov-Dec 2008 Update calendar. Incorporate songs into drama, art and present on CD for partner countries Teaching staff in all partner schools
    Jan –Mar 2008 Learn songs about other countries, Update web page. Collate illustrations and translation of traditional stories Teaching staff in all partner schools
    Apr –June 2008 Update web page. Share work with wider communities. Publication of multi-lingual book of traditional stories

    Inter –Cultural Festival of Celebration in Estonia

    We hope to encourage parents in partner countries to visit this event with their children but this would be funded by parents in each country.

    Associated partners in Estonia responsible for final publication and organisation of final festival of celebration
  1. Expected results, including products (add lines if necessary). At least 1 product should be jointly produced by all partners.

    Approximate date


    Description of results
    January 2008 Christmas Traditions - Newsletter / CD
    June 2008 Traditional Stories CD
    On-going Web site - joint
    Dec 2008 Visual recording of performances of cultural songs and art through drama from each country
    June 2009 Publication of multi – lingual book of traditional stories. (2 year progression starting in 2008) - joint

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